Fifty Miles with my Dad

In Sarnia’s first book, Fifty Miles with my Dad, May de la Rue tells the story of a charity walk with her father along the Suffolk coast in 2009, when she was ten, in memory of her aunt Emma. A venture started as a means to cope with bereavement would raise enough to establish a charitable endowment; and as May’s path of philanthropy unfolds, with insights into the therapeutic power of music, a calling grows to a career in medicine.

Set amid the natural and cultural heritage of a unique part of the English coastline, the story is also a tender but light-hearted celebration of quality time.

Published in April 2020, Fifty Miles with my Dad is available in hardback, price £18. All royalties and publisher’s net proceeds are in aid of the ‘Fifty Miles with my Dad’ Fund managed by Suffolk Community Foundation.* Paperback and e-editions will be released online at a later date. In the meantime, orders for the hardback edition through bookshops will support both them and the charitable causes in aid of which the book has been published.

ISBN 978-1-9162450-0-6


May de la Rue


Hardback, with 50 colour plates


£18 – net proceeds in aid of the ‘Fifty Miles with my Dad’ Fund at Suffolk Community Foundation.*


Typeset by RefineCatch Ltd, Bungay, Suffolk

Printed and bound in Great Britain by Clays Ltd, Elcograf S.p.A

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Allan Williams


Publishing timeline:

(revised and subject to review due to coronavirus)

April 2020Suffolk launchHardback
tbaNational launchIncluding paperback, e-Book and audio editions, and online sales

A reception to celebrate the publication of the book in April 2020 has been postponed until after the current coronavirus restrictions, and it will be re-fixed to coincide with the national launch at a later date.

* The ‘Fifty Miles with my Dad’ Fund is an endowment managed by Suffolk Community Foundation and established in 2009 by the fundraising walk recounted in this book. Grants from the fund are made to charities and community groups supporting those with disability, the infirm and the vulnerable. Sales are also in aid of other charities when made through their outlets.

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